Working with wood came naturally to me. I discovered I could create what I imagined.

I am a New Zealand based furniture designer and manufacturer focused on creating contemporary solid wood furniture of an exceptional standard.

I had an affinity with timber from an early age. I found the unpredictable diversity from tree to tree and piece to piece fascinating. Working with wood is something I had never struggled to apply myself to and found I could create what I imagined with it much easier than any other medium I have tried.

In 2010 I set out under my own name. I began focussing on meeting the requirements of clients as simply and elegantly as possible. This work led me to refine my designing and manufacturing process and has brought about a catalogue of work that I produce repeatedly today.

My Work

My goal  is always to make something that looks stunning. Working with wood gives me unbounded opportunities to do this.  Each different species of timber brings about a different possibility which is why I am happy to produce any of my designs out of any wood available.

I am also very enthusiastic about collaborating with customers to create something new to suit a purpose or satisfy an aesthetic want.

Ben Glass